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Important Information from Angie Pendley, PVA

Left to Right:  Tristan Evans, Jim Cartwright, Suzanne Brosnan,Center: Angie Pendley, PVA.

Butler County PVA Angie Pendley has some important information for property owners in Butler County.

ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS!!-Please contact the PVA office by March 1st, 2014 if you……

  •   Reached age 65 during or before 2014   
  •   Bought or sold a mobile home
  •   Have been declared 100% disabled      
  •   Remodeled or made additions
  •   Built a new home/commercial building   
  •   Purchased land but did not record the deed
  •   Merchant’s inventories and furniture and fixtures (Note: Listing should be consistent with your IRS return.)

"If we can help, please feel free to call our office at 270 526-3455," said Pendley. 


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