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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record. The following records are from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover November 22- December 27.
Civil Cases:
Keystop, LLC vs. Minton Service, Inc.
Spvi Cavalry vs. Teddy Swift
Richard J. Deye vs. Victoria Hatcher
Crystal A. Manley vs. Frederick E. Manley
Bank of America vs. Matthew R. Roche
PBI Bank vs. Ginger Ann Brown
Wendy Browning vs. Nationwide General Insurance
Deutsche Bank Nation Trust vs. Phyllis Mudd
PHH Mortgage Corporation vs. James Miller
CW Community Bank vs. Christopher William Warren
The Medical Center vs. David Haney
Unifund CCR Partners vs. Mario V. Santilli
KY Farm Bureau vs. Estate of Anita G. Daugherty
PBI Bank vs. Jeremy Young
National Union Fire Insurance Company vs. Gulfstar Energy Group
Farm Credit Services of Mid-America vs. Lud Corey Raymer

Family Court:
Michael Dale Henderson vs. Brandy N. Henderson
Tina Cox vs. Tony Cox
Beverly Lynn Gann vs. James C. Gann
Christina Bilbrey vs. Cody Bilbrey
Robin Schroeder vs. Scott Schroeder
Angela C. Allen vs. Christopher Allen
Kimberly Ann West vs. Charles Bradley West

Marriage Licenses:
Sam Donnie Cardwell Jr., 30,  and Rebecca Imogene McKinney,33, both of Morgantown
Cleatus Lee Johnson, 49, and Patricia Sheperd Miller, 45, both of Morgantown
Brian Wayne Norris, 38, and Tammy Dawn Jordan, 41, both of Morgantown
Bryan Dewayne Thomas, 30, and Crystal Anne Couch, 26, both of Morgantown
Brett Nelson Schroader, 23, and Maghen Dakota Howard, 23, both of Bowling Green

Affidavit of Descent:
Bonnie Andrews
Garry L. Cardwell
Randall Goodall Sr.
David Earl Hatcher
Lenora A. Mayhugh


Shirley Allen to Willard C. Allen, property in Butler County, Love and Affection
BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP, Bank of America, Commonwealth of KY, Country Wide Home Loans, LP, Steven Daugherty, LVNV Funding, LLC, to Federal National Mortgage Association, property on or near County Road, $24,334
Tabatha C. Embry Bartley to Lisa Hale and Harold Gill, property on Butler Street, $82,000
Mary A. Bowles and Melvin Bowles to Melvin and Mary Bowles LLC a total of 32 properties in Butler County, deed of conveyance
Barbara Hatcher, Patricia and Teddy Burden, Maxine Morgan, Judith and Lawan Renfrow, Bradley, Constance, David D., Felicia, Kevin, Reaunetta, Stephen Hatcher to  Patricia and Teddy Burden, Maxine Morgan, Judith and Lawan Renfrow, Bradley, Constance, David D., Felicia, Kevin, Reaunetta, and Stephen Hatcher, property on Aberdeen Ferry Road, Love and Affection
Mark and Amanda Cardwell to Sharon Cardwell, property on Hwy 79, Love and Affection
Mark Stephen and Mary Christine Castlen to Betty and Steven Thomas Townsend, property near Welch’s Creek, $43,000.

Charlda A. and Kelly G. Chapman to James E. and Janice K. Anderson, property in Butler County, $6,000.

Amanda Leigh Childress to Russell Lance Childress, property on Hwy 70 East, property settlement

Lula M. Clark to Regina Lynn Clark Elms, Karen Marie Clark Hooten, Anita C. Madison, Brenda Marlene Clark Roberts, property near Sandy Creek, love and affection.

Joan Degnan Clary to Daniel and Joan Clary, property on or near Hwy 70, trustee deed.

Jimmy W. and Pamela L.A. Colburn to AT&T Kentucky Bellsouth Telecommunications LLC,  property easement on or near Hwy 70 East, $1,168

D & J Farms Inc., to Joey and Sherri Kirby, property on or near the J. Arnold Road, $1,000
Phillip J. Daugherty, Green Point Credit, LLC, and Green Tree Servicing, LLC, and Southern Tax Services LLC to Green Tree Servicing LLC, property on the Alton Chidress Farm, $23,000
Delta Express Company to Rebecca and David Minton, property in the Davenport vicinity, transfer of property fair market value $100,000
Robert L. Deweese to Charles Cook, Roger Cook, and Nancy A. Miller, property on or near Hwy 185, Love and Affection
Florence and William Duffer to Tina Duffer Bilodeau, property in Butler County, love and affection

Al, Aubrey L. and Margaret Embry to Aubrey L. Embry Revocable Trust and Margaret Embry , property in Shady Hills Subdivision, $70,000

Estate of E. V. McKinney to Craig and Tina Smith Cohron, property on or near Hwy 1083,  $107,000.

Hugh C. Evans to Shannon Massey, property on Teddy Street, $24,000.

Brenda and Robert J. Everly to Susan Everly Brown and Stuart J. Everly, property in Butler County, love and affection.

Melba L. Ewing to George A. Ewing, property in Butler County, property settlement

Robert L. and Ruth F. Fields to Michael L. Fields Irrevocable Trust Agreement, Steven R. Fields Irrevocable Trust Agreement, property in Butler County, love and affection.

Alice Forbes, to Alice Forbes, property in Butler County, trustee deed
Douglas and Sue Givens to Austan and Hillery Flener, property on or near Hwy 1153, Love and Affection
Leslie and Ron Glass to Patsy and Roger Kirby, property on or near Hwy 1187, $7,000

Derek Lee, Heather Jane, Kevin Dewayne, Sheila Lynn, and William Randall Goodall Jr. to A&P Properties of KY Inc, property in Butler County, $3,000.

H. E. Minton Estate to Kenneth Dale Hightower, property in Butler County, $214,000
Joanna Hudspeth to Janetta and Leroy Crandell, property on or near Hwy 185, $8,000
Arthur Frankie Justis  to Edward Lee and Stephanie Carroll, property in Butler County, court settlement

Bobby and Linda Key to Rhoda and James Chism, property in on Eden School Road, $3,000.

Shirley Ann Kingery to Linda Brynn, Judy Kingery, Shirley Ann Kingery, Victoria Kubiak and Debbie Stewart, property on or near Sandy Creek, love and affection.

Joseph W. and Judy K. Lindsey to Charles Watkins and Watkins Lumber & Log Co LLC, property in Reedyville, $10,000.

Darnettie and Donald Michael Martin to Darnettie and Donald Michael Martin, Trustee Deed
Chris W. McGehee to Tommy Woodcock, property on or near Millshed Road, $35,000.

Chris W. McGehee to Derek S. and Davina Gidcumb, property on or near Stephens Chapel Road, $10,450.

Chris W. McGehee to Terry W. and Darla E. Amos, property in the Pharris Farm Division, $48,400.

Chris W. McGehee to Syble and Howard V. Leach, property in Butler County, $13,750.

Florinda G. and William Mills Jr. to Jill Faye and Kevin Ray Wilson, property located on Hwy 79, $16,000.

Darren Gene Otey to Rebecca Danielle Otey, property on Silver City-Huntsville Road, property settlement

PBI Bank Inc to IBP 1 LLC, property in Butler County, $18,000.

PBI Bank Inc to Paul Pendley, property on or near Gravel Road, $15,000.

PBI Bank Inc to Butler County Extension District Board, property on or near Gardner Camp Road, $122,500.

Marion Christine Phelps to Sandra Lynn Keown, property on or near Millshed Road, love and affection.

Debra Poston to Patricia H. and James L. Brown, property on or near Hwy 369, $1,500.

Freda and Echoles Preston Jr. to Teddy Dixon and Angela Giammarino, property on or near Hwy 411, $88,000

Rogers Crow Farms LLC to Kenneth Dale Hightower, property on or near Hwy 70, $36,380.

Johnny Rose Trust UTD, Martha Rose Trust UTD, Pamela Rose Trust UTD, Phillip Rose Trust UTD and Rebecca Rose Trust UTD, Johnny and Martha Rose Trust UTD, and the Phillip and Rebecca Rose Trust UTD to The Phillip and Rebecca Rose Trust UTD, Phillip Rose Trust UTD, and Rebecca Rose Trust UTD, property in Butler County, fair market value $182,500
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Allen Dwayne Cardwell, property on Bowling Green Road, sole ownership cash deed, $35,000

Deanna L. and Jeffrey L. Smith to Betty and Steven Thomas Townsend, property on or near Welches Creek, $43,000.
Ella Rae Smith to Sam and Helen Moore Trust, Sam Moore and Helen Moore, property on Hwy 79, $165,000

Patricia J. Snodgrass Stanley and Marvin A. Stanley to Thomas Earl Snodgrass and Loretta Susan Watkins, property on or near Indian Camp Creek, love and affection.

Euma Kathleen Taylor, Joshua Ray Taylor, Kristy Taylor and Terry Ray Taylor to Mark Stephen Castlen and Jeffrey L. Smith, property on or near Bryant Hollow Road, right of way deed, $300

Helen Thornsberry to Debra Poston, property on Hwy 369, $3,201.80.

Andrew Joseph Tutko to Michelle Phelps Tutko, property on Hwy 231, property settlement
Kanita and William Waddle to Aleta and Rollie Clark, property on or near Ky 1294, $1,000

Kalen Watkins to Lori Watkins, property in Butler County, property settlement


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