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VIGILANTE JUSTICE: Neighbors capture burglars, call police

Billy Durbin

Thomas Trent, Dewayne Basham, and Virgil Basham may be the neighbors you want.  The trio tracked down and captured two would-be burglars on Saturday, January 25. The Bashams spotted tracks in the snow on their property and decided to follow them.  The tracks led to a deer stand, owned by John Tate, that had been set on fire.  They continued to follow the tracks onto Thomas “Tommy Hawk” Trent’s property; Trent then joined the Bashams.  The tracks led them to a trailer at 239 Young's Ferry Road.  The owner of the property, Jim Faulkners, was not at the residence. Two individuals were spotted inside the trailer.  They jumped out a window and started running from the scene.  The duo were caught by Trent and held until police arrived.   

Joseph C. Coin admitted to being inside the trailer.

Billy Durbin( 4/25/83) of 1280 EG Nash Road,Roundhill, Kentucky and Joseph C. Coin (8/5/84) of 1179 Hunts Church Road, Roundhill, Kentucky, were taken into custody by Butler County Sheriff’s Deputy Heath West.  The two are lodged in the Butler County Jail on a charge of second degree burglary.

Also responding to the scene were Butler County Sheriff's Deputies Trey Flener, Chris Reneer, and KSP Trooper Brian McKinney.




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