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UPDATE: ARREST MADE-Cars Broken Into, Bible Stolen Among Other Items

UPDATE: June 25, 2014- On Friday, June 20, 2014 three individuals, Tevin Marion, male-19, Nichole Guerra, female- no age given, and a male juvenile were taken into custody by the Franklin County Sheriff Department in Columbusm Ohio, on unrelated charges according to Det. James Plumb of the Franklin County Sheriff Department. 

Det. Plumb informed MPD Chief Swiney the individuals were arrested after a pursuit in their jurisdiction.  According to Det. Plumb, while searching the vehicle-incident to arrest- Deputies discovered a checkbook and some other items that were taken from the vehicles that were broken into at the old Pamida building in Morgantown on June 6, 2014.  Also found in the vehicle was a window punch- an instrument used to break glass.

Det. Plumb further advised that Marion is wanted in South Carolina for larceny, Guerra is wanted in Florida for auto theft and the juvenile is listed as from Flordia.  Plumb said Guerra told him that Marion and the juvenile would go out, break into houses and cars then return with purses and wallets belonging to other people and use checkbooks and creidt cards to create false identities.  He also said the trio is suspects in thefts in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.  According to Det. Plumb, Guerra told him Marion is a member of the Felony Lane Gang.  Det. Plumb said Guerra also told him gang members would break into homes and cars, steal purses and wallets and then used the checkbooks, credit cards and identifications located to create false identities.

The Franklin County Sheriff Department in Columbus, Ohio also assisted in the investigation.


On Friday, June 6, 2014 there were four vehicles damaged and some had items taken from them while parked at the old Pamida building. Owners of four vehicles reported to the Morgantown Police Department said they parked their vehicles near the old Pamida building to attend a softball game.  When they returned to their vehicles, they discovered they had windows broken out and some had personal property removed. Among the items taken was a Bible.

There are no leads or suspects at this time and the investigation is ongoing.  If you have any information regarding this incident, please call Officer Denny Deweese at 270 526-2040.



This same thing was happening in Warren County back in March at sporting events.
put a camera on the Building they pick up very well and you might get lucky and catch a thief, and get a chance to talk with their parents , and get restitution .I am sure the parents cant wait to pay for damages , that their children caused.

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