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Morgantown Misson Summary of Activities

 "We at the Mission would like to thank those who support the ministry here. We are blessed to be supported by the postal employees, various school classes and organizations, many Churches, giving individuals, and various community organizations. Many in Butler County would be very negatively affected without this help to keep us supplied with needed resources. Please keep in mind, we are NOT affiliated with government funding. We are 100% funded by Churches and the community," said Garry McKinney, Mission Director.

We would also like to offer you the opportunity to serve. Whether it is working in the thrift store, food pantry, or children’s ministry, we always need quality individuals who understand, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

For more information about the Mission, please call 270-526-2082 or come by the store. Be sure to like us on facebook to keep up with what is happening at the mission.

Mission Summary for 2012

   50-60 children each Tuesday night

    7 classes averaged through the school year.     
    Experiencing a need for teachers both male and female.
    Classes are held from Kindergarten to High School.

    Different churches provided and served a nutritious hot meal each Tuesday night. Churches feeding in 2012 were Cool Springs General Baptist, Monticello Baptist, Butler County United Methodist Women, Morgantown First Baptist, Rockfield Methodist, Richland Baptist, New Harmony, Woodbury Baptist, New Liberty Baptist, Morgantown Community Church and Pleasant Grove Baptist.    
Food Pantry regular hours are Thursdays 9:00AM to 1:00 PM. People who can’t come to regular hours are also serviced. Donations of food came from The U.S Post Office, the Butler Co. School system, Churches, individuals, Community Organizations, and others. We belong to the Feeding America food bank where we buy food at a much reduced price. Food emergencies were handled on an individual basis.

The thrift store provides second hand clothes, furniture, and household items at a very reasonable price. Sales from the thrift store along with donations provide operating expenses for all the ministries the Mission provides. The thrift store is open six days per week and is manned by faithful volunteers and community service workers.

Formal wear is available for girls and who cannot afford the high costs of purchasing formals and shoes for school activities.

    The Mission bus runs every Tuesday night within the city limits of Morgantown... the Mission van run to other areas of Butler County. The bus runs to all Government Housing areas in Morgantown each week. It picks up children of school age for the Mission Children’s Program.

•    Persons of Hope
•    The Mission funds and account called the Helping Hands account. This account assists people in an emergency situation ranging from rent, utilities, and medical assistance.

•    In 2012 the Mission sponsored blood drives for the Red Cross. The people of Butler County donated 92 units of blood.                                                                         
•    Community service opportunity was provided for young people who were court ordered. Many others volunteered to serve.
People did community service at the Mission from The Bowling Green Technical School, Social Services, Drug Court and the Housing Authority.

1)    There were 672 visits to the food pantry, 1367 adults and 812 children for a total 2179 people.
2)    We gave clothing to 185 adults and children during the year.
3)    We gave furniture and household items to 19 families.
4)    The Mission provided a place for 7 people to work in the Reach Higher program.
5)    We helped about 25 people from the Housing Authority, Drug Court and the school system with community service opportunities.
6)    We helped 40 with community service for the continuance of food stamps.
7)    We supported the Family Resource and Youth Service Center by providing $1000 and help for a toy distribution. This year toys were given out to 413 children through the school system.
8)    We supported the Family Resource Butler County and Youth Service Center by providing clothing to children in need.
9)    The Mission donated $5750 to other charitable interests in Butler Co.
10)    The Mission spent $2855 on the children’s ministry.
11)     The Mission gave at least $11,300 over the year, to help the poor and those in emergency situations in 2012.
12)    The Mission along with the Family Resource Center provided school supplies for 364 children prior to school starting in 2011/2012. The mission donated $1000 toward the supplies.
13)    The Morgantown Mission gave away 357 winter coats this year.
14)    The Morgantown Mission also supports other missions by sending our overstock to them; at least 5 large trucks went to Mountain Mission in Eastern Ky.
15)    This year we worked with at least 20 homeless people or families
16)    The Mission provided transitional housing for 7 families.
17)    The Mission worked with Andrea’s Mission providing clothing and personal items to the girls and they helped us with different projects.
18)    The Mission awarded a scholarship to college to a local youth.
19)    The Mission worked with the Butler County Jail this year on different projects.
20)    The children from the Mission program were allowed to shop in the thrift store for store credit they were given for attendance.
21)     The Mission helps support the Grace Temple Ministries soup kitchen.
22)     The Mission is participating in Commodity Supplemental Food Program for the elderly. We have over 100 households signed up.
23)    The Mission was blessed this year by being able to start building a new Mission thrift store

24) The Mission would like to thank Beech Tree News/WLBQ 1570am and the Butler County Methodist Women for their very successful fundraising in 2012.  The BtN radio-thon generated over $4000 in 4 hours and the money went toward Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes.  The BCUMW raised nearly $800 hosting chili and soup luncheon during the Christmas parade.  These two fund raisers, along with other monetary donations from individuals and organizations led to a very successful year.
25)    We provided Thanksgiving or Christmas food baskets to 120 families.
26)     The Mission became involved in a new local recycling program for items that can’t be used in the store or for the Mountain Mission

Some of  last year numbers for comparison , food pantry visits 584 to 672, Helping hands $10,931 to $11,300, School supplies from 360 to 364 children,  Other charitable interests $4550 to $5750, Children’s ministry $2490 to $2855


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