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Council approves website bid from Yellowberri

The Morgantown City Council on Thursday night approved Yellowberri to build the new city website on a unanimous vote.   Council member Allen Meredith made the motion and Council member Gary Southerland provided the second.  The discussion on the website has been a lengthy one spanning back to early 2013. The website vote was recently delayed as the council investigated the possibility of a conflict of interest as Yellowberri co-owner Josh Hampton also sits on Morgantown's Housing Authority Board.  After looking into the matter, the council agreed that it was legal, not a conflict of interest and in the best interest of the city to conduct business with Yellowberri.

"We are looking forward to building this website.  The city is long overdue for a new web presence and we will work hard to make sure the project is something Morgantown can be proud of," said Landon Hampton, Yellowberri account manager and sales representative.  "In today’s world it is very important to put your best foot forward when in comes to your virtual presence. It’s the first thing potential industry and potential residents will look at when scouting a new location.  If your web presence is not up to par then the likelihood of them digging any deeper diminishes greatly.  4 of 9 full-time employees at Yellowberri are Morgantown natives, so we have a lot of skin in the game on this project.”

In other business:

Morgantown Chief of Police Charles Swiney reported that new officers - Ethan Vincent and James Embry - have been sworn in and “should be out on their own this week."

In unfinished business, the council approved the second reading of the FEMA amendment concerning flood hazards and dates. Russell Givens made motion; Allen Meredith provided the second.  

The council approved the Butler County Ambulance Lease Agreement.

Council member Russell Givens spoke about street signs and recycling.  

“New street signs are going up and are a great help to our EMS guys," said Givens.  “We need to get comprehensive plans to all of our representatives and senators.  Recycling bins are under construction in Greenville and we are anxious to get recycling program started soon.”

Council member Dionne Merritt thanked the Butler County Arts Guild for their "wonderful display" near the mural.

According to Mayor Linda Keown, several board members from planning and zoning, housing authority and utility are leaving their positions. 

“We need to be thinking about who we’d like to appoint to these vacancies. Please be thinking about anyone you feel would make a good member. Consider their qualifications and any possible conflicts of interest that may arise before you make recommendations,” said Keown. 


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