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Butler County Students Make WKU's President and Dean's Lists

Below are the names of the Western Kentucky University students who were named to the Dean's and President's List. Included are the students' names and their hometown cities.

Students making the Dean's List have a grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.79 in a 4.0 scale. Students on the President's List have GPAs of 3.8 to 4.0 and are indicated by an asterisk (*). To be eligible for the either list, students must have at least 12 hours of coursework that semester.

We at WKU are proud of the accomplishments of these students.

Matthew R. Penner Morgantown, KY
 Jessica N. Oaks Morgantown, KY
 Alisha A. Hazari Morgantown, KY
 Jordan L. Evans Morgantown, KY
 Caitlin T. Maggard* Morgantown, KY
 Chelsea R. Tutko* Morgantown, KY
 Jonathon K. Bates Morgantown, KY
 Cade A. Snodgrass* Morgantown, KY
 Taylor J. Howard Morgantown, KY
 Brittany N. Brooks* Morgantown, KY
 Kelsey J. Phelps* Morgantown, KY
 Randall C. Tynes Morgantown, KY
 Christine Clark Morgantown, KY
 Sara K. Cardwell Morgantown, KY
 Mahkala E. Burden Morgantown, KY
 Sierra B. Fields* Morgantown, KY
 Payton K. Grubb* Morgantown, KY
 Billy G. Durbin Morgantown, KY
 Jazmin L. Reynolds Morgantown, KY
Joshua G. Vincent Rochester, KY
 Timothy A. Carroll* Rochester, KY
 Nathan C. Belcher Roundhill, KY
 Noel F. Belcher Roundhill, KY
 Caitlyn L. Clark Roundhill, KY


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