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BTN Candidate Profile:Bobby Moore/5th District Magistrate

Hello, I am Bobby Moore and I am seeking election for the 5th District Magistrate seat.  I am asking for your vote and support so that I may serve you and our community to help build a more solid foundation for Butler County and its future. 
I am a native of Butler County and have resided in the 5th District for over 50 years.  Being a former business owner and currently the manager of Bratcher Auto Parts, I have seen many changes over the years but feel as though there is still a great deal of work to be done for our county to grow and prosper.  If elected as your magistrate I will always be eager to hear your concerns, opinions and ideas.  Being accessible to the residents of the 5th District is my priority.  
I am proud to call Butler County my home, and I hope to be able to talk to as many of you as possible to hear and discuss your wants and or concerns for our district.
I look forward to serving you as your next 5th District Magistrate.  I am listed as number #2 on the ballot and would appreciate your vote.


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