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BC Foster Care hosts Cupids & Cuties Pageant

Girls 8 to 12 years:  1st place - Taylor Burden (parents Chris and Tracy Burden); 2nd place - Conley Gracelyn Moore (parents Greg and Chasity Moore); 3rd place - Trinity Rayne Martin (parents Willie Martin and Holly Pedigo)

Boys and girls braved the wintery conditions on Saturday, February 8, for the first-ever Butler County Cupids & Cuties Pageant, sponsored by the Butler County Foster Care Association.  The purpose of the event was to increase awareness of the need for foster/adoptive parents, as well as to raise money to support activities for current foster children.

Christina Brown and Davina Gidcumb were the primary organizers of the pageant, along with the assistance of Sarah Duncan, Michaelle Johnson, and others.  Wanda Nevins was the emcee.

Approximately 45 young boys and girls participated in the pageant, which featured multiple age divisions with awards given to the top three in each group.

Girls 0 to 6 months (above):

1st Place - Mary Morgan Morris (parents Cyle and Heather Morris)

2nd Place - Lilly Mae Belcher (parents Clint and Nikki Belcher)

3rd Place - Locklynn Neal (parents Krista and Derek Neal)

Boys 0 to 6 months (above):

1st Place - Aiden Levi Justis (parents Dakota and Traci Justis)

2nd Place - Talon Martin (parents Eric and Desirae Martin)

3rd Place - Lyric Maddison Williams (parents Jessica and Chris Williams)

Girls - 7 months to 1 year (above):

1st Place - Jaclyn Webster (parents Shawn and Jessica Webster)

2nd Place - Ari'annah LaShae Rife (parents Tiana Rife and L.A. Rigsby)

3rd Place - Ella James Whitehurst (parents Daughtry and Chris Whitehurst)

Boys 2 to 4 years (above):

1st Place - Kash Whitehurst (parents Chris and Daughtry Whitehurst)

2nd Place - Brody Abram Dockery (parents Dustin and Heather Dockery)

Girls 2 to 3 years:

1st place - Jessalyn MaKaye Johnson (parents Chris and Sarah Johnson)

2nd place - Talynn Reese Wood (parents Britney and Chad Wood)

3rd place - Bryleigh Madison Hunt (parents Travis and Ashley Hunt)

Girls 4 to 7 years (above): 

1st place - Parker Reese Willoughby (parents Travis and Ashley Willoughby)

2nd place - Kenlea Grubb (parents Anita Grubb and Kenny Grubb)

3rd place - Symphony Lucas (parents Tasha Engler and Enrique Lucas)


Girls 8 to 12 years:

1st place - Taylor Burden (parents Chris and Tracy Burden)

2nd place - Conley Gracelyn Moore (parents Greg and Chasity Moore)

3rd place - Trinity Rayne Martin (parents Willie Martin and Holly Pedigo)


To become a foster/adoptive parent or for more information about the program, please contact 270-526-3833.  


Story and photos by John W. Embry, Beech Tree News.


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