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Andrea's Mission celebrates first graduation; "8 children have their mother back." -- Jimmy Flener

Wendy Browning, Angel Gilland, Director Leslie Cardwell, and Kathleen Hall

Andrea’s Mission, a residential treatment program in Butler County for women battling drug addiction, held its first graduation on Sunday evening, January 29, at Cool Springs General Baptist Church.  A large crowd gathered in support of the first three graduates, Angel Gilland, Kathleen Hall and Wendy Browning as they have completed the six-month program. 

Angel Gilland and family.

Leslie Cardwell, director of Andrea’s Mission, welcomed everyone and explained the Christ-centered Recovery Program.  Andrea’s Mission can accommodate eight residents and offers a variety of classes including; parenting, AA, Bible Study, and devotionals to mention a few.  The ladies also attend Cool Spring Church and participate in the Celebrate Recovery Classes.

“I am so proud of these ladies; they have completed their classes and are ready to return to their families,” said Cardwell.

Each lady was presented a Certificate of Completion by Jimmy Flener, president of People Who Care Ministries, and Cardwell.

Through tears, Gilland, Hall, and Browning thanked Andrea’s Mission, the many volunteers at the program, People Who Care, and Cool Spring Church for all their support. 

“Eight children have their mother back,” said Flener, as he congratulated the graduates.  According to Flener, a young child touched his heart in 2004, when he learned her father was in jail and her mother was battling a drug problem.  

“After much prayer, God spoke to me and told me I needed to do something,” said Flener.  He organized People Who Care Ministries, thus leading to the opening of Andrea’s Mission.

Debra Duncan, volunteer Christian counselor at Andrea’s Mission, closed the ceremony in prayer.

Angel Gilland and Kathleen Hall help their children fill their plates.

Cool Springs Church presented the ladies with gifts, provided music, and served refreshments.

Andrea's Mission is located at 2556 Barren River Road, Morgantown, Kentucky. For more information call 270 662-0077.

A BTN video by Jeremy Hack of Andrea's Mission graduation ceremony will be posted soon.



This program is awesome. Its wonderful to see individuals turning their lives around and getting a second chance. God is awesome. Im so glad the kids got their mothers back too,thats great!!!
it is awesome that we have a program that can bring families together and make them functional Great Job.
This program is awesome. Its wonderful to see individuals turning their lives around and getting a second chance. God is awesome. Im so glad the kids got their mothers back too,thats great!!!
What an awesome night of celebration, praise and joy! Prayers will continue to go out to these ladies as they move forward in life. May the Lord bless them and their families greatly! Luke 1:37
An uplifting story regarding the lives that are changing through the power of God, family, and a community that cares! The first graduation has started a ripple effect that will make the community as a whole stronger.
Andrea's Mission is saving and changing lives. It saved mine. I love you all!!! To the graduates, you know this already, I love you all and I'm very proud to call you my sisters!!!

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